About Us

How We Began

Read about our Forum’s humble beginnings in a 2011 Virginia Libraries article.

General Purpose

To help new and emerging information professionals become actively involved in the Virginia Library Association and the larger professional community.


1. Structure formal opportunities for involvement, training, committee experiences, and leadership on the local, state, and national levels.

2. Provide a wide variety of programs to assist, encourage, and educate those new to the Virginia Library Association and the profession.

3. Develop and implement ongoing programs for library school students which encourage professional involvement and networking.

4. Develop resources and programming specifically for encouraging new and emerging librarians to learn more about and become more involved in the Virginia Library Association.

5. Create a specific and unique space in the Virginia Library Association for new and emerging professionals to network with each other and explore relevant issues and topics through face-to-face meetings, social media tools, and other modes of communication.

6. Bring new vitality, energy, and ideas to the Virginia Library Association through the active inclusion and encouragement of new and emerging library and information professionals.

7. To honor outstanding new professionals in the state of Virginia, recognizing new (fewer than 10 years in VLA) professionals who demonstrate excellence, enthusiasm, and leadership.


Officers will include a chair and vice-chair/chair-elect, and any other position determined to be necessary by the forum. The vice-chair/chair-elect serves for two years: one year as vice-chair, and one year as chair.

Programs and Events

Stay tuned for more information about VLA NMRT Forum events and programs.  Have an idea about an event you’d like to see?  Use the Comments area below to help your ideas become reality!

Ideas that we have so far include:

  • Regional social and networking events
  • Mentoring programs
  • Conference (both state-level and national) meet-ups
  • Between conference professional development programs

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