Position Descriptions

The VLA NMRT Forum relies on a strong leadership body in order to help the Forum provide a focus for interaction of new members and to plan, promote, and sponsor dialogues and continuing education for new members.


VLA NMRT Forum leadership consists of elected officers, with the exception of the office of NMRT Liaison. Elections will be held online, immediately prior to the VLA Annual Conference; newly elected officers will be introduced during the VLA NMRT Forum business lunch at the VLA Annual Conference.


All elected officers must be a member of VLA and VLA NMRT Forum while holding office and are expected to attend business meetings and other appropriate activities.


  • Maintains close contact with VLA Council, Executive Director, and VLA NMRT Forum membership in order to coordinate NMRT Forum activities.
  • Represents the NMRT Forum on the VLA Council
  • As the Chief officer, works with Vice-Chair to set times and agendas for executive officer and business meetings.
  • Works with the rest of the executive officers to set annual goals and write annual report to be presented to the NMRT Forum membership during the annual business meeting and the VLA Council at the January meeting.


  • Elected for two years; serves one year as Vice-Chair, and second year as Chair-Elect.
  • Assists other officers in promoting the group and building membership.
  • Assists Chair in setting agendas for business meetings.
  • Serves as presiding officer in the absence of the Chair.


  • Takes minutes at NMRT Forum business meetings and distributes minutes from these meetings.
  • Works with appropriate Forum members and leaders to create, distribute, and collect survey and evaluation data related to NMRT Forum activities, events, and initiatives.
  • Maintains records and timetables of NMRT Forum activities and responsibilities.
  • Assists other officers with coordinating outreach efforts.
  • Works with VLA Council to handle any issues related to finances.

Communications & Outreach Director

  • Oversees NMRT Forum activities designed to recruit and maintain new members to the VLA and to the Forum.
  • Sends welcome emails to all new VLA members.
  • Manages the Forum listserv and Google group.
  • Coordinates the social media efforts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog) for the NMRT Forum.
  • Works with Secretary/Treasurer to gather and analyze communication and outreach statistics and assessments.
  • Represents NMRT Forum on the VLA Membership Committee.

Programming Director

  • Coordinates social and professional development activities throughout VLA’s six regions for VLA NMRT Forum members.
  • Recruits volunteers from each of VLA’s six regions to be part of the Socials/Networking Group and lead social/networking functions throughout the state.
  • Works with Secretary/Treasurer to gather and analyze programming statistics and assessments.

Conference Director

  • Works with NMRT Forum officers, the VLA Paraprofessional Forum, and VLA Executive Director to coordinate events at the VLA Annual Conference and the VLA Paraprofessional Forum Conference geared specifically toward the NMRT Forum.
  • Works closely with the Paraprofessional Forum to determine appropriate NMRT-oriented initiatives and activities for the annual VLA Paraprofessional Forum Conference.
  • Represents NMRT Forum on the VLA Conference Committee.
  • Works closely with the Programming Director to meet conference programming needs.

Student Representative

  • Works with the Communications & Outreach Director in order to maintain communication with Virginia students in distance education programs and with all students in residential programs in the surrounding areas (NC, DC, MD, TN, and KY).
  • Works with the Programming and Conference Directors in order to ensure that student interests and needs are met through programming and conference activities.

NMRT Liaison (ex-officio member)

  • Will be appointed annually by the ALA NMRT Liaison Coordination & Support Committee Chair as the NMRT Liaison to VLA.
  • Acts as a communication channel among VLA, VLA NMRT Forum, and ALA NMRT, making sure relevant information is shared among these groups.
  • Works closely with the Communications & Outreach Director to share relevant information from ALA NMRT.
  • Encouraged to write about relevant NMRT Forum strategies, initiatives, and events for ALA NMRT Footnotes and to write about relevant ALA NMRT strategies, initiatives, and events for Virginia Libraries, the VLA blog, and the VLA NMRT blog.

VLA Membership Committee chair (ex-officio member)

  • Appointed by the VLA Council as needed.
  • Works closely with the Communications & Outreach Director to recruit and support new VLA members.
  • Acts in the interest of new members when considering membership initiatives, drives, and activities.
  • Serves as a communication conduit to the six VLA regional chairs.