Past Leadership


Chair: Julia Feerrar

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Lisa Becksford

Secretary/Treasurer: Amanda MacDonald

Communications & Outreach Director: Rachel McCaskill

Programming Director: Adrian Whicker

Conference Director: Bill Edwards-Bodmer


Chair: Cammy Koch Mays

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Julia Feerrar

Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Becksford

Communications & Outreach Director: Carly Budzynski

Programming Director: Lisa Dinkle

Conference Director: Jennifer Stout


Chair: Margaret Howard

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Cammy Koch

Secretary/Treasurer: Julia Feerrar

Communications & Outreach Director: Stephanie Santiful

Programming Director: Craig Arthur

Conference Director: Jill Hames


Chair: Katelyn Tucker

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Margaret Howard

Secretary/Treasurer: Liz Insley

Programming Director: Craig Arthur

Communications & Outreach Director: Liz Johns

Conference Director: Laura Miller

Student Representative: Cammy Koch


Chair: Megan Hodge

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect:  Katelyn Tucker

Secretary/Treasurer:  Margaret Howard

Programming Director:  Laura Miller

Communications & Outreach Director, Hayley DeRoche

Conference Director:  Tracy Hall

 2012 (April) – October (2012)

Chair: Megan Hodge

Membership Chair (ex officio): Rebecca Miller

Communications and Outreach Director: Haley DeRoche

Programming Director: Laura Gariepy

Student Representative: Crystal Boyce

2011 (July) – 2012 (April)

Chair: Megan Hodge

Membership Chair (ex officio): Rebecca Miller

Programming Director: Laura (Westmoreland) Gariepy

Blog Team: Andi Ogier Pederson, Carole Porter, Janna Mattson

Twitter team: Mark Lenker and Rekesha Spellman

Founding (May 2011)

Chair: Megan Hodge

Membership Chair (ex officio): Rebecca Miller


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