Elections: Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect candidate

Candidate: Julia Feerrar

Current job title: Learning Services Librarian, Virginia Tech

Professional Biography:

After finishing my MSLS at UNC Chapel Hill in 2014, I joined Virginia Tech University Libraries as Learning Services Librarian. At VT I coordinate our information literacy program for first year writing, serve as the liaison librarian to Engineering Education, and support other teaching and learning initiatives across the library. I am currently serving as Secretary/Treasurer of the VLA NMRT Forum and as a member of the 2015 VLA Annual Conference Committee.

Statement of Purpose:

Since I moved to Virginia a little over a year ago, VLA and the VLA NMRT Forum have been key to my professional happiness. Within VLA I have felt welcomed into a community of so many supportive, inspiring colleagues. As Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, I look forward to collaborating with other Forum members to increase membership, provide outreach to new members, and strengthen our professional development and educational programs. I will bring my experiences coordinating this past year’s VLA NMRT Mentoring Program to seeking new ways to connect our membership across the state. As a new librarian and new Virginian I greatly value the mentorship and connectedness that the VLA NMRT fosters and I am excited to be a part of continuing its growth.


About EMDiGangi

ALA NMRT Treasurer, 2015-2017; VLA NMRT Forum Communications & Outreach Director, 2015
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