New Member July Spotlight: Elizabeth Land

Elizabeth’s Job: Library Assistant at York County Public Library

What is a thing (or two) you like about your job, or about working in libraries

ELIZABETH LAND: Library Assistant at York County Public Library

ELIZABETH LAND: Library Assistant at York County Public Library

in general?

I love solving problems for people. I get high-fives just for showing someone how to fix paragraph formatting on their resume. I’ve gotten a hug for showing someone how to use our version of Rosetta Stone so she can finally chat with her grandparents in their native language. It might sound cliché, but those reactions are what I love most about my job.

Are you working on any special projects, papers, serving on an interesting committee, or working on something you want to share?

I’m co-chairing the Ad Hoc Website Content Committee for the VLA. We’re trying to help the website meet its highest potential for serving our members and we want to get member input as much as possible. We’ll be sending out a survey soon about what you would want from the website, so start gathering your ideas.

What was your first job in a library?

I worked as a student assistant (basically a page with check-out duties) in the Trible Library at Christopher Newport University when I was an undergraduate student there pursuing a degree in English.

What made you interested in working in libraries?

I went to school to become a journalist to help people. I spent 6 years working in journalism without feeling like a helped a single person. I went back to my university to brainstorm for the future and I ran into one of the librarians I had befriended when I worked there, and she gave me all these resources on becoming a librarian. I took the leap and the first day I worked in a library I helped a frustrated unemployed veteran navigate the state jobs site (he later got the job he applied for that day). He was truly grateful and I was hooked.

What is one of the best VLA programs or events you have attended, or what is something of value about VLA that you think other members should know?

I love the annual conference, but especially the NMRT Deli/Pub Crawl. It’s an excellent opportunity to hang out with librarians and exchange ideas.

Goal you would like to achieve within the next five years:

I would like to move up to professional librarian and really make a difference in the community through outreach. I think taking the library to the people is really important for the future of libraries.

Connect with Elizabeth:

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ALA NMRT Treasurer, 2015-2017; VLA NMRT Forum Communications & Outreach Director, 2015
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