VLA New Member October Spotlight: Nan Carmack

Nan’s Job:  Library Director at Campbell County Public Library System, Rustburg, VA.

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer! I enjoy my job because it so varied–dealing with building spaces, uses, and maintenance; working with staff to develop their own strengths and interests; developing collaborative partnerships within the community; and, of course, managing our budget and human resources.

What is a thing (or two) you like about your job, or about working in libraries in general?

I love the variety of work with which I am confronted but mostly, I love the people. I love the books. I love the blend of intellectual curiosity and social justice!

NAN CARMACK: Library Director at Campbell County Public Library System, Rustburg, Virginia

NAN CARMACK: Library Director at Campbell County Public Library System, Rustburg, Virginia

Are you working on any special projects, papers, serving on an interesting committee, or working on something you want to share?

I am the Chair of the Leadership Development Forum for VLA, which is very satisfying! I also serve as the co-chair of the Program Committee for the MidAtlantic Library Association (formerly known as SWING) and help to coordinate bi-annual programs of interest to library professionals of all types. Program suggestions are welcome!


What was your first job in a library?


Favorite Virginia Library?

My own of course! But South County-Roanoke is pretty cool, I have to say.

What is one of the best VLA programs or events you have attended, or what is something of value about VLA that you think other members should know?

The main value I derive from VLA is the collegiality and network of resources. Whenever I run into a barrier, I can always turn to the network and ask for advice or ideas.  The collective brain never fails me…

Goal you would like to achieve within the next five years:

I am currently working on my Doctorate in Organizational Leadership–I complete my classwork this spring and plan to defend my disssertation in August 2015.

Twitter: @nannermack

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nanbrunsoncarmack

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