VLA Deli Crawl 2014

We cannot believe it is only 2 weeks until the 2014 NMRT Deli-Crawl to kick off the VLA Conference! This year we have some special guests with John​​ Chrastka and Patrick Sweeney of EveryLibrary  hosting the Paul’s Deli stop, and INALJ featuring ALA Presidential Candidate JP Porcaro will be hosting the Green Leafe Café stop. We know this is going to be one of our biggest crawls yet and hope you can make it!

Take a look at the Deli-Crawl Map Schedule below, there will be a shuttle running between the conference hotel and the deli area from 7 p.m.-1 a.m.

VLA NMRT Forum Social Shuttle generously provided by the Chesapeake Public Library Foundation.

Deli Crawl Map Schedule 2014


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Public library manager, mother & wife. I read mostly adult fiction, as a librarian I try to consider who might enjoy each book, not just those to my tastes.
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2 Responses to VLA Deli Crawl 2014

  1. Kahil says:

    Since this is geared toward new people. Can we get a detailed explanation of the crawl? What to expect? What not to expect?

    • It’s an informal event and a chance to get to know other VLA attendees the night before the conference. In the past a large group will eat at the first location we attend, people use the shuttle to go and come as they please, and there is a general ebb and flow since everyone has different meetings and bedtimes. We always have a good time though!

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