Elections: Secretary/Treasurer candidates

Candidate: Julia Feerrar

Current job title: Learning Services Librarian, Virginia Tech

Professional biography & statement of purpose:

In August I joined Virginia Tech University Libraries as Learning Services Librarian, a role that involves strategizing and implementing instruction for our core undergraduate classes. I just finished my MSLS at UNC Chapel Hill in May 2014. During library school I worked in a variety of public services in two libraries on campus, served on a planning committee for the UNC Chapel Hill Librarians’ Association conference, and enjoyed connecting with other students while writing for the Hack Library School blog.

As a student and now as a very new librarian, community and mentorship were and continue to be very important to me. I value the role that a forum like the VLA NMRT plays in fostering these kinds of connections and I want to be part of continuing its development. As Secretary/Treasurer I would look forward to supporting the NMRT forum’s connective role. I would bring my experience in writing, planning, and even in managing fines to keeping all Forum business organized and responsive to your feedback. I am so excited to be joining the Virginia librarian community.

Candidate: Easter DiGangi

Current job title: Content Management Analyst at Innovative Technologies, Inc.

Professional biography & statement of purpose:

My first experience working in a library was as a student worker in college at the University of Illinois Education & Social Sciences Library.  However, my career as an information professional really began in 2008 when I started graduate school to get an MLIS at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Since that time I have garnered experience working or volunteering in a paraprofessional or professional positions at various settings including academic libraries, public libraries, state/federal government, special libraries, and library vendor.

As a new Virginia resident, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to my new state association.  What better way to do so than through VLA NMRT forum which seeks to help new professionals like myself succeed.

I have proven leadership skills.  Indeed, I have four years experience serving on various ALA NMRT committees as a member or chair.  In 2011 I was selected as an ALA Emerging Leader.  Most recently, I started my term this year as ALA NMRT Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect.  In addition to my know-how with finance, I also have experience with the secretarial duties which this position requires.  As the Library Intern at the Fitchburg Public Library (WI) for nearly two years, I worked closely with the Library Board by taking the minutes, coordinating live meeting and records management, and maintaining the library’s social media presence. I am thrilled about the prospect to give back to the profession whose members have experience in diverse backgrounds.  I look forward to meeting Virginia’s librarians.

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