Elections: Conference Director candidate

Candidate: Jill Hames

Current job title: Public Services Librarian, James L. Hamner Public Library

Professional biography & statement of purpose:

I started volunteering at the Iredell County Public Library (NC) when I was 12, continuing throughout most of high school. Between then and starting my first degreed position, I held work-study library positions and volunteered in various libraries helping with technical services, circulation services, reference services, local history projects, and teaching computer classes. In May 2012, I moved to Virginia to start my current position and began focusing my professional interests on teaching adults technology skills.

Coming to a new state to start my first full-time, non-volunteer library position, I looked for ways to become involved in the larger library community and so was pleased when I found the New Members’ Round Table. Simply knowing there were opportunities for me to meet other librarians helped me to feel more comfortable in a new job in a new state. After attending some NMRT events at the VLA conference, I knew that this was a group of people I wanted to get to know more, so I offered to help plan the socials for my region and now would like to contribute further.

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