Elections: Communications & Outreach Director candidate

Candidate: Stephanie Santiful

Current job title: Cataloging Assistant, Hampton University & Assistant Librarian, Bryant & Stratton College

Professional biography & statement of purpose:

My library career began in 2008 when I was hired as a Cataloging Assistant for the William R. and Norma B. Harvey Library, Hampton University. After receiving my MLIS from the Florida State University’s distance education program, I was able to further my skills by learning things like original cataloging, collection development and project management. These new skills have only strengthened my joy of working in libraries. From there, I’ve offered my time and assistance with numerous ALA roundtables and one division. I also volunteer as a Senior Assistant for INALJ.com. Recently, my journey has brought me to working part-time as an Assistant Librarian at Bryant & Stratton College.

I had my first experience with the VLA when I attended the VLA Annual Conference in 2012 with other librarians and staff of the Harvey Library. I wasn’t sure of what to expect, but discovered that VLA annual is a great resource for librarians, especially new librarians who can often be overwhelmed. Sitting in on panels made me realize that I have a strong interest in seeing like-minded individuals work together for the common purpose of sharing information. Even librarians can suffer from information overload, or may need some assistance in learning which direction to take when wanting to become more involved with the forum. As the Communications and Outreach Director, I will work hard to make sure that all members feel valued and welcomed in the NMRT forum. I am determined to increase membership, promote the NMRT, and to assist members with their interests inside the forum to make the NMRT forum an even greater resource for librarians and other information professionals.

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