VLA NMRT Member Spotlight: Megan Hodge

This is our inaugural blog post featuring one of the many wonderful people who work in Virginia Libraries!  Ever wonder who that person really is when you’re emailing each other about committee work?  Do you meet someone in person at an event and realize later that you had an email conversation with that person the week before? In an effort for us to get to know each other and our jobs a little better, each month, one person will be chosen to be featured.  If you are interested in helping your colleagues learn more about you and your work, fill out the form!  Especially let us know if you are working on something exciting, interesting or special.  But we want to know about the little things that are important to you and your job as well, so tell us


MEGAN HODGE: Teaching & Learning Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University

Megan’s Job:  Teaching and Learning Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.

I support freshman and sophomore student learning, specifically by teaching the basics of library research–creating a search strategy, decoding search results screens, etc. I also work with students one-on-one via e-mail and in person as they run into research roadblocks.

What is a thing (or two) you like about your job, or about working in libraries in general?

Just two? My colleagues; I’m continually inspired by what they’re doing in the classroom. They’re fun to hang out with, too!

I also love the culture of innovation, professional development, and collaboration at VCU; it’s pretty amazing having the institutional support to follow your passions and develop projects from the ground up.

Are you working on any special projects, papers, serving on an interesting committee, or working on something you want to share?

I’m really interested in adding gaming elements to my classes to make them more interactive and engaging. I’m slowly working my way through my small personal library on active learning techniques, and this spring I took a course on active learning taught by Andrew Walsh, a rock star in the world of gaming and active learning in library instruction. I left the class with a treasure trove of ideas that I can’t wait to implement.

This year I’m also President of ALA’s New Members Round Table. I’ve got a bunch of ideas on how to make the round table more useful (and fun!) for all our members, and a bunch of dedicated, enthusiastic people on the Board and committees that I’m excited to work with to get these ideas implemented. It’s going to be a great year.

What was your first job in a library?

My freshman year, I worked in the archives of my college library. The best thing about the job was getting to pore over all the yearbooks from the 1800’s. The illustrations, stories, and photographs are fascinating!

Favorite Virginia Library?

My undergrad alma mater’s library, Lipscomb Library. There’s a botanical garden outside, it’s connected (by “trolley”) to almost all the dorms so you never had to worry about inclement weather or walking across campus alone late at night, and best of all has secret rooms where I would go to curl up with a romance novel or watch a British movie and pretend I didn’t have paper deadlines looming.

What is one of the best VLA programs or events you have attended, or what is something of value about VLA that you think other members should know?

The NMRT Deli Crawl, of course!

Do you want to be featured next, or want to nominate a colleague?  Fill out the form!

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