VLA NMRT Forum election – Communications & Outreach Director candidates

Candidate: Liz Johns
Running for: Communications & Outreach Director
Current Job Title: Teaching & Learning Librarian – Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

Liz Johns is a Teaching & Learning Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries. Ms. Johns began work at VCU in September 2012 after earning an MSLS from UNC Chapel Hill. She is active in ALA, ACRL, and LLAMA, and currently serves on the VLA Scholarship Committee. She focuses her work at VCU in providing excellent research support to students and faculty across the university, and she is very interested in student learning and success. Ms. Johns has a particular interest in online learning, and is exploring new ways to reach and engage students with the library through the web. She brings creativity, optimism, and enthusiasm to her work in helping students succeed.

Statement of Purpose:

The lifeblood of any organization is its members, and the Communications & Outreach Director holds the responsibility of ensuring the positive outlook and message of NMRT to its members and potential members. As a new librarian myself, I am highly invested in the success of other new librarians, and working collegially to contribute new ideas to our profession. As an instruction librarian, I spend much of my time marketing myself and the library to both students and faculty, and am well-prepared to take on the role of effectively communicating to current and potential NMRT members. Additionally, my years of experience as a Membership Recruitment Advisor to two collegiate chapters of a social sorority gives me a unique perspective and set of skills to design and coordinate efforts to recruit and engage NMRT members. As Communications & Outreach Director, I will work enthusiastically to build positive relationships, and maintain a welcoming and and encouraging atmosphere for our members.

Candidate: Kristi Jerome
Running for: Communications & Outreach Director
Current Job Title: Library Technician II, Newport News Public Library System, 2007-Present

Professional Biography:

Kristi Jerome is a Library Technician for the Newport News Public Library System and has been working in libraries for 10 years. She is currently working on her MLS at the University of North Texas. Kristi has previous experience with communications and outreach from her undergraduate years working with her fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and having leadership roles within various clubs and organizations. She is also an avid social network user.

Statement of Purpose:

I am really interested in helping the NMRT grow. I believe that by recruiting new members to VLA and NMRT we can encourage new librarians to look forward to the future of libraries. Using new technology and new ways to connect are the wave of the future. I believe that if we can open new doors for communication, we can assure our place in the future of our communities. I have previous experience with member recruitment, event planning, and social networking, all things necessary to do the job.


About bluestockinglibrarian

Anglophile, bibliophage + unabashed bluestocking. A teaching + learning librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University, a co-founder of the Virginia Library Association's New Members Round Table, immediate past president of the ALA New Members Round Table, and ALA Councilor-at-Large.
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