VLA NMRT Forum election – Student Representative candidates

Candidate: Cameron “Cammy” Koch
Running for: Student Representative
Current Job Title: Librarian, Chesterfield County Public Library

Professional Biography:

Cammy has been a public librarian for Chesterfield County Public Library (CCPL) for over two and a half years. She started her library career as a page in 2008 and has worked upwards since then to where she is now. She is currently finishing her MLS at Drexel University, with a concentration in Archives, and plans to graduate in December of 2013. She holds a B.A. in History from Virginia Commonwealth University (2008). Her professional skills range from storytime, which she will be presenting at the 2013 VLA Conference, to Digital Preservation, where she is currently working on a digital project for CCPL.

Statement of Purpose:

The New Members Roundtable for the Virginia Library Association is a great opportunity for students and new members to be not only acquainted with the library profession but also Virginian identity. I have experience with understanding some of the challenges that students face with long-distance education, as I am finishing my degree online with Drexel University. VLA NMRT is a great resource to make the community connection that is missing from distance learning. It allows you to not just make professional connections, but also becomes a place to get questions answered and your concerns heard. As Student Representative, I will make sure that VLA NMRT will be a vital component to helping MLS and MLIS Virginian students who are physically far from the school. I would bring a passion for the profession, along with my student and professional experiences.


About bluestockinglibrarian

Anglophile, bibliophage + unabashed bluestocking. A teaching + learning librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University, a co-founder of the Virginia Library Association's New Members Round Table, immediate past president of the ALA New Members Round Table, and ALA Councilor-at-Large.
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