VLA NMRT Forum election – Conference Director candidate

Candidate: Laura Nicole Miller
Running for: VLA NMRT Conference Director
Current Job Title: Marketing Manager at Credo and the Co-Coordinator of Libraries Thriving

Professional Biography: 

Laura Miller is the Marketing Manager at Credo and the Co-Coordinator of Libraries Thriving, a Credo-sponsored though vendor neutral online community for librarians interested in e-resource innovation and information literacy promotion. Laura has extensive experience partnering with libraries of all shapes and sizes to develop e-resource marketing campaigns that demonstrate library value. She holds an MLIS from San Jose State University and a BA of English and Women’s Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Statement of Purpose:

 Through my year serving as VLA NMRT Programming Director and serving on the VLA Conference Planning Committee, I’ve gained experience that will help me excel as this year’s VLA NMRT Conference Director. I’ll apply the event coordinating skills that I’ve gained through co-organizing social events in Region IV for the last two years to ensure that next year’s VLA Conference and VLA Paraprofessional Forum Conference leave people wanting to know more about this exciting round table.

About bluestockinglibrarian

Anglophile, bibliophage + unabashed bluestocking. A teaching + learning librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University, a co-founder of the Virginia Library Association's New Members Round Table, immediate past president of the ALA New Members Round Table, and ALA Councilor-at-Large.
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