Introducing… the candidates for Communication & Outreach Director!

Candidate: Hayley DeRoche
Running For: Communications and Outreach Director
Current Job Title: Learning Resource Center Manager, Strayer University, January 2009 – present

Statement: I believe that I would be an excellent Communication and Outreach Director because I’m very comfortable communicating with people online and I have experience organizing outreach events.  I’m an active Twitter user (my Twitter handle is WeeHermione), I blog frequently (, and my Gmail is open on my computer just about 24/7.  During undergrad I was elected Community Service Vice-President and then elected Pledgemaster for the VCU Alpha Phi Omega co-ed community service fraternity, which means I have a lot of experience with recruiting and then orienting new members to an organization, as well as hosting information sessions and volunteer events.  During undergrad I was an intern with and worked as a forum moderator for the site, and I have lots of Yahoo!Groups and LiveJournal community experience as well, so I would be quite comfortable managing online groups.  In my spare time I’m a freelance journalist for   All in all, I believe that my blend of outreach, communication and social media skills make me an ideal candidate for the Communication and Outreach Director position.

Candidate: Sarah Osorio
Running For: Communications and Outreach Director
Current Job Title: Outreach Instructor, Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, Virginia Beach, VA, 2012

Statement: I was first introduced to outreach in library school, and I continue to have an interest and passion for disseminating information to the public. This month I landed my first job out of library school as an outreach instructor for the Virginia Aquarium, and I am excited to share my knowledge with students by bringing education directly to the classroom.

I believe that I would be a good fit for NMRT’s Communications and Outreach Director because of my passion and dedication for providing accurate and timely information to people. One of my highest priorities for VLA is to give new members the resources they need to become actively engaged in the organization. I would love to have the opportunity to be a team member of VLA’s NMRT, and I look forward to serving you!


About bluestockinglibrarian

Anglophile, bibliophage + unabashed bluestocking. A teaching + learning librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University, a co-founder of the Virginia Library Association's New Members Round Table, immediate past president of the ALA New Members Round Table, and ALA Councilor-at-Large.
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