Selections from the Day in the Life of a Librarian Project

Here are the tweets from the participants in our Day in the Life of a Librarian Project that was held on Tuesday, October 11th. Another Day in the Life Project will be planned as we enjoyed seeing how other librarians’ days stack up to our own.

@mkclarkinva Monique Clark tweeted about her day as a library specialist at Northern Virginia Community College:
Since it’s one of our non-instruction days, it is pretty quiet in the library.

I’m at the circ desk with a cup of coffee that’s nearly finished. We opened at 8:30 a.m. today instead of 7:45 a.m.

Now comes the never-ending drilling and pounding sounds on the second floor. Yay for construction </sarcasm>.

Now it’s #ILL time. I’ve got 9 requests, including the two I couldn’t get to yesterday because of the service training.

I’ll have to turn down at least one request since we don’t lend out new textbooks published within three years (2011, 2010, 2009).

Now I’m responding to ILL requests.

Going to package the UPS shipments first, then the USPS ones.

It’s always interesting trying to figure out which packaging to use to ship ILL materials.

We’re having a faculty/staff potluck today so I’m going with a co-worker to pick up some items. I forgot to bring a dish.Ooops!

UPS shipments are all done now. Now just have to send out the USPS package once I’m back.

Back from the trip! Picnic in less than half an hour.

Completed all the outgoing ILLs, now I just need to process the returns. Also, my desk space is pretty cluttered.

And now I’m just waiting to go down to the picnic; will process ILLs afterwards since I won’t be on the desk for the rest of the day.

Woohoo! Finally done with #ILL for today!

Read as many professional development blogs as possible. May as well weed books for an hour or so.

While weeding, I found a book on the shelf from another #nova campus; it had been sitting on our shelves since 2008.

We’re returning it to the rightful owners.

Just remembered a project I need to do for the circ supervisor, so will work on that instead of weeding.

@portercarole Carole Porter tweeted about her day as a medical librarian at an osteopathic college of medicine in Southwest Virginia:
Head librarian is at MAC/MLA so I’ve got the early shift. A bit sleepy but enjoyed my 45min commute with no construction and traffic

So far a quiet morning as our med students are on break. Filled ILL requests in Docline. I guess now’s a good time to clean my desk

Oh my! Amazed at the number of notes on tiny slips of paper I found in a drawer. I’m not the only one who keeps notes like this, am I?

Finally, a handful of students here to study. I was getting awfully lonely. Desk is clean, time to work on fac dev session for Thurs

oh boy! faculty member needs help with lit search. guess it takes awhile for folks to get rolling on a break week.

We don’t have access to all the articles the faculty needs. Time to fill out Docline requests.

I must not forget to check PubMed Central’s holdings for full text access. There’s lots available there!

Now back to prep for fac dev session on 2.0 tools that enhance learning and collaboration in the classroom. Do you have a favorite?

Time for lunch! Yum!

Back from lunch just in time to unjam both copiers and a stapler.

Finished prep for fac dev session. I’m rather pleased w/ it. I hope it will be of some benefit to faculty who attend

An hour of work left. How to spend it? Let’s see if any online subject guides need updating.

Another copier jam. Geez. But then the counter reports over 6million pieces of paper have moved through the machine.

Done for the day. I’ll be glad when the students come back from break. It’s terribly lonely without them.


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Educational technologist at Roanoke College, wife, mom, librarian, runner, knitter, bibliophile.
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